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Jedi Gear and Gadgets

Welcome fellow Jedi (Sith tolerated!),

I love Star Wars! I have loved Star Wars since 1977 when I saw that adventure in a galaxy far, far away for the first time in the theatre. The Star Wars universe has been greatly expanded since, but the core of the story still remains the same. From the very start I was fascinated by the Jedi Knights, even though for a long time the only examples of their kind that we had were an old man and a small green skinned
goblin-like creature. I think it was their wisdom that attracted me, that and their chosen weapon, the Lightsaber.

When Episode I "The Phantom Menace" came out in 1999 we finally got to see what all the hubbub was about! We started to see glimpses of the Jedi in their heyday. Although I wasn't altogether thrilled with that Episode, it was still more Star Wars and I took the rough with the smooth. Episode II showed us more and really started to show us the daily duties of a Jedi Knight. We got to see more about the infrastructure of the Jedi Order and the tools they used to do their job. Again, however, I was not entirely happy with Episode II. Finally, Episode III "Revenge of the Sith" has, in my opinion, redeemed the films. Although we don't see much that is new as far as the Jedi are concerned, we return to the storyline and it is gritty and honest just as it should be. The Jedi do have a new kick-ass Interceptor to fly!

Anyway, over the years I became enthralled with the Jedi and the Lightsabers they used. My first "official" replica of one was basically a flashlight with Star Wars stickers on it and a yellow blow-up blade. My second replica had a plastic blade which was designed to make a "vrooming" sound when it was swung. Very cool!

Eventually, I began to try to make Lightsaber replicas myself. Most of my early attempts were meant to replicate those seen wielded by the characters. Back then, however, resource material such as photographs of the actual props were difficult to come by and scale was a problem. Because of this, my early replicas were oversized in diameter. Most of those originals have been either destroyed, lost or cannibalized.

Then the company Icons began releasing realistic replicas of the actual props. I drooled over the photo's of them I saw in catalogs and magazines like Starlog. Alas, back then I couldn't come anywhere near their $400 to $600 dollar asking price!

Then, in 1999, Episode I previews came out and we saw a whole new shape of lightsaber. These Lightsabers were smaller and streamlined and we saw that these weapons were dynamic and a whole art was devoted to their use in combat! My fascination with the Lightsaber was born anew.

So, I began making replicas of the ones seen in the films. Many of these were only partially completed. This was because after making a couple of those I decided that it would be more fun to make my own Lightsaber designs and actually build them. That is after all what all Jedi were required to do as part of their training.

During this period I began to do Star Wars costuming and attended several Sci-Fi Conventions in the Denver, Colorado area. My first Jedi outfit was worn to the first Star Wars Celebration held in Denver in 1999, shortly before the release of "The Phantom Menace". I carried two of my Lightsabers with me. One was a custom design which broke before I even got to the entrance when it swung a little too high on my belt hook and fell to the ground. The other Lightsaber I brought was a replica I had built of Darth Maul's double bladed Lightsaber. This held up and I even got to compare it to one of the real "fight" props of the Lightsaber that were on display there. Naturally, I took many photo's of the other props on display as well.

Me in my first Jedi outfit with my friend Mark (in the armor) at the 1999 Star Wars Celebration in Denver.

Comparing my "Maul" Lightsaber I built to the real thing on display at Celebration I. 

After seeing Episode I, I began getting interested in the other little gizmo's and gadgets used by the Jedi. The Comlimk, the Holoprojector, the Grappling Hook Launcher (see DVD Deleted Scenes) and so on. So I went right down to the local grocery store and very self-consciously bought my first "Lady Gillette" razor. I made a couple of replicas of the Comlink which were pretty good. I continued to start in on other props.

Their were many false starts but there were also many improvements as they evolved and my experience increased. Eventually, I made a Lightsaber which I felt was good enough to call "my own". By this time I had invented a Jedi character or "personae" for myself for when I went to Conventions in costume. That Lightsaber was on my belt for a few years until I built a totally unique design with a detachable Electroluminescent (EL) blade. That is the one I use today. Although I may shorten it's length by an inch or so.

In my second Jedi outfit I stand in the Jundland Wastes. Yes, I really am there! No trick photography here!

Meanwhile, over the past several years, I have built other custom designed Jedi gadgets and have even built custom utility belt pouches in which to house them. I have an obsession with attention to detail. Many people have Jedi outfits that they wear but then you get to the pouches and such, they are solid resin and stuff like that. Hey, my pouches were made of Sculpey painted leather brown until about a year ago! When someone wants to look at my outfit, I want them to be amazed by the detail! Now, every pouch contains a gadget or two or three!

While I have tried to maintain the general look of the Jedi gear that we see in the films, I have taken a little artistic license. Thank goodness for the fine, imaginative folks in Lucasfilm's Art Department because they really opened up the field for ideas! Let's face it, there must be oodles of things that the Jedi use in their missions that we never get to see on film! That is basically my driving edict. To try to keep the basic design ethic for that universe, and not go all "Star Trekky" with them, but give some reign to my imagination!

This website is to showcase and share some of the props that I have built for my own use when in costume. A few props were built for others and a few props are just for display. I hope you enjoy them and draw some inspiration from my creations for your own outfit or collection.

I would like to make this a site where those who have built their own Star Wars Jedi or Sith props can come to share their creations. I would love to see your photo's of you in your outfit and also of your Lightsabers and gadgets themselves.

I hate those websites that get all exclusive with all kinds of rules and stuff but I do have a few simple guidelines. We don't all have the same amount of skill or neat tools or for that matter wealth for making our own props. All I ask is that the props that you submit here were ones that you really worked hard on. They shouldn't just be tape and cardboard thrown together! Some of my props have taken hundreds of hours to complete! I love seeing unique ideas and designs, but try to maintain the basic design aesthetic used in the films or at least in the "Expanded Universe", try not to get too "Star Trekky". Beyond that , have fun. I can't wait to see what you have made!

Finally, if you want to email me with questions or comments about Star Wars costuming, props, or my own construction methods and to send me your photos (please make the total size less than 1 mb), you can write to me at:

I will try to answer emails as diligently as possible.

Again, I hope you enjoy this website and May the Force Be With You!

Chris Cline
Jedi Knight Chiang Wan Kegani

My Current Jedi Outfit

In my current Jedi outfit I stand with a familiar friend in the above photo.

This is my third incarnation of my Jedi outfit and is the one which I wear currently. The above photo was taken during Starfest 2006 in Denver, Colorado. Below I describe the various elements and details of my current Jedi outfit along with photos of the items described.

When I saw Episode II, I was intrigued by the leather like materials used on some of the Jedi outfits (not just Anakin's) and decided that that was an element which I wanted to use on my new Jedi outfit I was planning to make.
I did not want my outfit to be confused with Anakin Skywalker's so I chose completely different colors for the rest of the outfit. This has worked well and people who see me at Sci-Fi Conventions rarely say to me "Oh, you must be Anakin Skywalker!" That is good, because it would get old to have to keep explaining that I'm not supposed to be Anakin!

The basic elements of my Jedi outfit are a simple, long sleeved, brown Turtleneck Shirt, a pair of pocketless Brown Pants, a grey raw silk Tunic (underrobe), a one piece, brown pleather Obi/Tabbards Ensemble, my brown leather Utility Belt Ensemble and a pair of brown leather, High Topped Boots with a pair of pleather Leggings.

I am very pleased with the look of this outfit and have recieved many, many kind compliments about it. My main activity at Sci-Fi Conventions has now become standing with other attendees for photos, which is fine because I absolutely love that part, especially posing with wide-eyed little kids! I remember being that age and having Star Wars on the brain!

Below are two more photos taken during Starfest 2006.

Standing with friend Grace, the best looking Stormtrooper EVER, at Starfest 2006. We call her TK-Hottie!

The Light and the Dark! Standing with the Dark Lord himself at Starfest 2006! 

So, what details does my Jedi outfit incorporate?
Below are descriptions and photos of all the elements and details which are to be found on my Jedi outfit. Enjoy!

My Primary Lightsaber

This is my current Lightsaber and my pride and joy. I completed it about it a year ago. I wanted something that was totally unique and beautiful.

I built the Lightsaber with a detachable blue electroluminescent (EL) blade and the shaft that the blade is inserted into has a detachable emitter "detail plug" for when the blade isn't installed.

EL Blade plug and Emitter Detail Plug removed from Lightsaber.

Activation Switch (Brass) and Symbol detail.

I took the silver colored symbol in the center of the handle as my personae's symbol and that symbol is also on my belt and other outfit elements.

Lightsaber "End Cap" detail.

I am especially pleased with the End Cap and Emitter "Cage" on this prop.

Emitter end detail with Detail Plug installed.

A closeup of the "Business End".

I am considering making a couple of modifications to the Lightsaber. For one thing it is a little long, so I might take an inch out of the upper portion of the handle. I am also considering making the main length of the handle chrome and leaving the end cap and emitter area copper colored. I am also going to change the "hanging point" from the cell phone button type it has now to a Covertec button soon.

I have another EL Lightsaber that I use as a secondary. That Lightsaber is described and shown further below.


My Comlink

I have made many Comlinks at this point. I made several for my own use which I then replaced with improved versions. I also made several for friends. I started collecting little detail bits a few years ago for an ultimate version I wanted to build. A few months ago I decided to begin assembling the new Comlink.

One thing that I was thrilled to have found were the two funky little screws used in the top section. I am a trained and licensed Aircraft Mechanic and was going through a parts catalog one day and found these very unusual screws. They are exactly the ones used on the real props and ended up being very expensive, but they were worth it.

A closeup of the control details and the lovely special screws.

Reverse side detail.

I am very pleased with this version.

My Grappling Hook Launcher

I always loved the grappling hook! They seem to be a staple of Superhero and Space Hero gear. When I saw the deleted scene on the Episode I DVD in which Qui-Gon and Obi Wan surface near a waterfall in Naboo and can't get the engine started and Qui-Gon pulls a grappling hook launcher out and fires it at the bank wall to keep the craft from going over the falls, I was thrilled and inspired.


So, I decided to build my own. I decided that the launcher could do more than just launch a grappling hook. I made the prop so that it can accept different accessories to launch.

Grappling Hook Launcher with the Grappling Dart ready to fire.

I built the hook (or Dart) itself and then built a Tracking Device that can be attached to the launcher as well. I reasoned that there might be times when a Jedi wouldn't be close enough to an escaping spacecraft to throw a tracker onto it's hull, so it might be handy to launch one which would imbed itself into the ships hull.

Grappling Hook Launcher with Grappling Dart and Tracking Device attachments.


My Spare Lightsaber Power Cell

When I read the Episode I novel I loved the scene in it (which isn't in the film) where Qui-Gon and Obi Wan have reached the surface of Naboo and have resorted to swimming around in its swamps to evade detection. Just before the two Jedi meet back up, Obi Wan climbs out of the water and discovers his Lightsaber doesn't work (which is why he is being chased by a battle droid on a STAP but is running away and isn't using his own Lightsaber, Qui-Gon destroys the STAP). Qui-Gon then gives him a rebuke for not turning his power cell off while in the water. I was inspired by this scene and the thought that a cautious Jedi would carry a Spare Power Cell for his Lightsaber. After all, as Obi Wan tells Anakin the weapon is a Jedi's life.
Spare Power Cell top detail (Unlit)                                   Power Cell Illuminated

I built the Spare Power Cell with a blue internal glow which can be turned on and off.

This shows the glow a bit better.

I made the power cell so that it's diameter coincided with the diameter of the end of my Lightsaber, where the power cell would be inserted. I knew that theoretically a Lightsaber loses very little of it's energy while running unless it contact's an object or another Lightsaber blade, but I reasoned that it would be good for a Jedi on field assignment far out in the Outer Rim to have a backup power source for his only weapon. People seem to really like this detail!

My Holoprojector and Data Sphere

I had originally used a small modified toy of the Holoprojector seen in Episode I as my prop. I decided that I would used a bit of artistic license and design my own. I had several detail parts that I thought would look great together.

The Holoprojector. The center stand is for the Data Sphere.

I built the prop with a holographic panel in the center and decided that a 'stand" for a holographic Data Sphere, as seen in Episode II, would be an neat addition.

Holoprojector with Data Sphere.

The bottom of the prop has my personae's "symbol" in the center and there are a couple of plug-ins for hooking into a computer for downloading of data or transmissions. I also built a capsule for the Data Sphere which I describe below.

Holoprojector underside.


Data Sphere Capsule

For the Data Sphere I built a storage and download/upload capsule in which the Sphere is held when not in use. I reasoned that a capsule could be used for the Sphere which could be plugged into a download/upload base for transferring navigation and other data to the Sphere itself.


Data Sphere Capsule in the closed position.

The capsule is made to rotate open and closed.

The Capsule in the open position with the Data Sphere inside.

The Capsule has a plug-in in it's base.

Capsule has a plug-in for uploading/downloading Navigation and other data.

I plan to make the base for it to plug into one of these days, just as a static display.

Crystal Storage Unit

Like I have said, I love detail! Therefore I knew that it would sometimes be necessary for a Jedi to work on or repair his Lightsaber. I decided that it would be neat to have special tools and also replacement crystals for the Lightsaber.

As a base for this prop I used a piece which any diehard Star Wars costumer should recognize.

The Storage Unit with the cap off and the crystals inside. Can hold two crytsals.

I had to modify the inside diameter of the tube and extended it's length with some detail.

Unit with crystals and spacer removed.

The cap was fun to make and locks in place on the tube.

I made this prop so that it can be clipped onto the utility belt with the energy capsules.


Lightsaber Tools

I thought it would be neat to have special tools for repairing and adjusting the Lightsaber. I made four different tools which are stored in the pouches.

Three Lightsaber Tools. The glowing one is meant to be a sort of no-heat soldering iron.

One of the tools is meant to be a sort of no-heat soldering iron. Some might recognize it for what it is. I am still working on the detail of the top part of that particular prop.

This larger tool is meant to be some sort of diagnostic sensor unit.

A larger diagnotic sensor tool.

Energy and Food Capsules

I have taken a bit of artistic license with these props, which are very well established in the films. While some of my capsules are made from the actual items used in the film props, I found some other items which I think look even cooler than those. That's my only excuse for these. They look cool!

Energy and Food Capsules.
There are four different models of capsules seen here. Three are exactly like those seen in the films. Two of them are sort of generic. Three (seen on right side group) are the really cool looking ones I mentioned (with black bottom caps). I love them!
Each group of four go on either side of the main pouches, although the back left hand group only has three to make room for my Crystal Storage Unit.

I have attached all my capsules together into groups of four with miniature screws to brass plates which are hidden behind the belt straps. This keeps the capsules from getting all crooked, which was a constant problem. Now I don't even have to think about them!

I use a strip of brass to which I attach the capsules with tiny screws.
This keeps the capsules from getting crooked. I highly recommend doing this, it will keep your sanity intact at conventions!



My Utility Belt

Of course, what would any self-respecting Jedi be doing without a good old Utility Belt! The belt I built is of real leather and has a large plate "buckle" in the center reminiscent of old Ben Kenobi's. I prefer this look to the smaller strapped buckles on the newer (older?) versions as seen in Episodes I through III. In the center of the buckle is my Jedi personae's "symbol".

Utility Belt front.

As I have stated, I am planning to change the Cell Phone clip with a Covertec clip soon. I still keep my old fashioned metal hanging hook on as well.


The detail I am most proud of here are the pouches. I had originally used pouches similar to those which we see beginning in Episode I which I had sculpted out of Sculpey and painted leather-brown. These were alright, but I was always bothered by the fact that they were solid and couldn't hold a thin dime! So I began looking around for alternatives.


One day I found some great hard plastic pouches which had spring loaded, push-button activated lids.

Right Pouch in closed position.                                        Left Pouch in closed position.     
Also seen are Energy and Food Capsules and near the left Pouch is the Crystal Storage Unit.

After a great deal of modification, including the construction of innards for holding the gadgets I had planned and covering the pouches with pleather, the pouches turned out great and are another big hit with people who see me in my outfit. When those lids spring open and they see all the neat gadgets inside their eye's light up! I love that part! These two main pouches hold my Grappling Hook Launcher and both the Grappling Dart and the Tracking Device as well as my Spare Lightsaber Power Cell and one of my Lightsaber Tools.

Right Pouch in open position.                                             Left Pouch in open position.        
In this Pouch are my Grappling Hook                       In this Pouch are my Spare Lightsaber 
       Launcher and it's Dart.                                          Power Cell, the Tracking Device and
                                                                                                   one Lightsaber Tool (Diagnostic Sensor).


 I made another small, cylindrical pouch to hold the Data Sphere Capsule mentioned earlier. I actually had the pouch first so I had a heck of a time figuring out how to build a capsule which would fit inside of it but would also hold the Sphere!

Data Sphere Cylinder Pouch closed.               Data Sphere Cylinder Pouch open.              

My "Back" Belt Utility Pouch

Here are photos of a larger "back" pouch I built for my utility belt, similar to those seen on Obi Wan and Anakin's outfits. These photos are of the unfinished pouch.

Unfinished Back Belt Pouch front.

While my design is a totally unique shape, I have tried to keep to the Star Wars design aesthetic as far as possible. The basic shape of the pouch was mostly dictated by the size and shapes of the gadgets which I was making the pouch to hold. That curve at the top of the Comlink was a real problem but I found a solution.

Unfinished Back Belt Pouch side.

The pouch is made entirely of pieces of cut and shaped sheet styrene and PVC . The top is hinged with small brass hinges. Aluminum tubing was used for areas where the Lightsaber Tools are inserted.

A view inside the unfinished pouch.

This pouch holds my Holoprojector, Comlink and three Lightsaber Tools.

 Gadgets inside the unfinished pouch.

Here are photos of the pouch completed and finished. 

The pouch has a hidden magnetic latch and the cover has my Jedi "symbol".

The pouch opened up, showing the gadgets and tools held inside. From left to right are three small Lightsaber Tools, my Comlink and my Holoprojector.

The back has elastic straps with metal hooks for attaching to the Utility Belt. The pouch is finished with a simulated leather covering.

My EL "Secondary" Lightsaber

I built a secondary Lightsaber that I use from time to time. This Lightsaber was built over the innards of a "broken" Master Replicas Anakin Skywalker FX Lightsaber that I bought from a guy for $20.00. Thanks to my knowledge of electronics and previous experience building my own EL Lightsaber from scratch I was able to fix the electronics, including the sound module and motion sensor.


After stripping all of the original metal parts off the unit I began to build a whole new Lightsaber. It was a bit difficult fitting everything around the innards but after a great deal of modification I was successful.

The only external detail that I used from the FX Lightsaber was the Activation Switch, which I modified also.

I decided to use the activation switch that came on the FX Saber. It was cool looking and did the job. I was thrilled to be able to have a custom Lightsaber with the real movie sound effects and with the motion sensor to make it even more realistic.

The existing electronics made for a very tight fit. I am pleased with the end result.


Of course, the EL blade is not detachable but that doesn't cause a big problem. It is nice to have the added detail of a glowing, humming Lightsaber when I am in costume.



My Personal Probe Droid "P7-R5"


I decided it would be really cool for a Jedi to have his own personal Probe Droid for when he is out alone on a Field Assignment. Hey, if the Sith can have three, a Jedi can have one, right?!

This is P7-R5, my trusty little Personal Probe Droid.

I began with a hollow six inch diameter plastic sphere and started designing. I tried to be as true as possible to the design aesthetic of the films. I had to make sure that the droid looked non-threatening and non-Sith-like. It had to look like a Jedi would use it.

The Probe Droid has a glowing red eye sensor and sequenced flashing lights around it's surface.


The Probe Droid had a glowing red eye and several sequenced blinking lights around it's surface. It is studded with sensors as well as defensive weaponry such as stun blasters and a directional electromagnetic pulse weapon. These weapons can be used by the Jedi for diversionary tactics if needed but the Droids primary function is independent reconnaissance gathering. The Jedi can communicate with the Droid via his Comlink.
The Probe Droids surface bristles with sensors and defensive armament. Other surface details include the Main Thruster, Reaction Control Jets and jamming transmitters. The activation switch is the white antenna on the bottom of the sphere to left of center in the photo. 

When not in use the small Probe Droid can be carried in a sling pouch which can be carried diagonally over the Jedi's shoulder. When the Jedi is back at his quarters the Probe Droid docks itself with a small recharging unit which can also act as a data download port.

Here the Probe Droid is seen docked with it's recharge and download unit.

I am considering installing a sound module into the droid which will make some "probe droidy" type sounds. A little less intimidating than the sounds made by the Sith Probe Droids, though. That is, if I can cram any more stuff into the little Droid!
This shows the lights a bit better. The light bar is sequenced to flash in a random pattern as are a few other lights around the droids surface. The unit is entirely self-contained and needs no external support. The activation switch is located on the surface and is disguised as an antenna.

People really love this detail! Girls think the little guy is cute!

Here my P7-R5 is seen docked on it's base station alongside my Holoprojector, Data Sphere, Spare Lightsaber Power Cell and the emitter of my primary Lightsaber.


Stay Tuned...More to come!

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